Cragmor Sanatorium/ U.of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, 1906, Original Plan. T. Maclaren.

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A Beautifully Detailed, Original Plan of Cragmor Sanatorium (for the Treatment of Tuberculosis) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Buildings are now on the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Campus. HAND-COLORED.  T. Maclaren A.R.I.B.A., Architect(s).  From the American Architect and Building News, April 7, 1906.

Beginning in the late 19th-century, people sought tuberculosis treatment in Colorado Springs, Colorado because of its dry climate and fresh mountain air. Some people stayed in boarding houses, while others sought hospital-like facilities called sanatoriums.[a] In the 1880s and 1890s, it is estimated that one-third of the people living in Colorado Springs had tuberculosis. The number of sanatoriums and hospitals increased into the twentieth century. During World War II, medicines were developed that successfully treated tuberculosis and by the late 1940s specialized tuberculosis treatment facilities were no longer needed.

Cragmor was a place where millionaires, musicians, artists, dancers, and poets came to get well and was known for its luxury, easy rules, parties, and sexual affairs among patients.[29][10] In 1936, the $500,000 facility was reorganized as a non-profit organization for treatment and research of tuberculosis.[30] The Cragmor Sanatorium complex became the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus and two of its former buildings are Cragmor and Main halls.[29]

This picture is extremely hard to find, as the American Architect and Building News not only had a very small circulation during that time, but very few were actually preserved or colored as this has been.  It measures  16 by 12 inches.  Has a mat border and foam core backing (not attached to the picture).  The whole plan measures approximately 20 by 16 inches (with mat border).  Finely detailed and beautifully hand-colored.  Shrink wrapped.

Plan is in VG+ condition with light browning along the edges and some light crinkling.

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