Wesleyan Church, Fall Birch, Horwich, Bolton, 1904, Original, Hand-colored x

$ 69.00

Framing options (if desired):
Traditional Black frame - $70
Cherry Red frame - $70
Rich Brown Frame - $70
Traditional White Frame - $70
Framing Information

A Beautifully Detailed, Original Plan of the Wesleyan School Church, Fall Birch, Horwich, Lancs & Wesleyan Church, Chorley Old Road, Bolton.   HAND-COLORED.  Potts Son & Hennings, Architect(s).  From the American Architect & Building News,  May 28, 1904.

This picture is extremely hard to find, as the Architect not only had a very small circulation during that time, but very few were actually preserved or colored as this has been.  It measures approximately 12 by 8 inches.  It has a mat border and foam core backing (not attached to the picture).  The whole plan measures approximately 16 by 12 inches (with mat border).  Finely detailed and beautifully hand-colored.  Shrink wrapped.

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